The Apocalipstick | Me
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The Real Apocalipstick

DSC_9032Hi World !! I’m Martha Garcia, Project & Events Manager, Consulting Services and Admin in Madrid Ashtanga Shala, where things in this world are not easy sometimes, but with a passion: Be happy.

I started my tiny space, to show and share the power of dreams, you just have to want it too hard, and focus your desires. A corner of Music, Ashtanga Yoga, Tours, Guitars, Travels, Experiences, People… and everything you can imagine related to my life: a Dream

You will discover a place plenty of opportunities, wonderful people and great friends, thousands of colored notes, ambitious adventures and loyal customers who believe in me. And why not? identify yourself with me every day.

Thanks to my husband, the guitarist Danny Gomez for your unconditional support and encouraging me for months to create this microworld.

It’s NOW or NEVER !! xx …

@theapocalipstick INSTAGRAM