The Apocalipstick | Danny Gomez
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Danny Gomez

Product Specialist /Demonstrator
Musical Director / Guitarist

Self taught musician since he was 15, Danny, has been touring intensively for more than 20 years covering all musical genres, production, demoing for pretty every major brand, being side-man for main Latin artists and with several international ones as a guitarist and musical director. Ruth Lorenzo (X-Factor/Eurovision 2014), La Quinta Estación (multi Grammy winners) Nacho Cano (MECANO), Hard Rock Cafe, RockFM, etc.

A real Brian May connoisseur, having even the chance to work close with QUEEN repertoire at “We Will Rock You” musical and co-recording (and co-producing) with Brian May the Spanish adaptation of “Too much love will kill you”.

Nowadays shares his time between musical direction, guitar playing on tours and being CEO at the company TOXIC PROD.

Hometown: Madrid / SPAIN
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Artists, Live, Management

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