The Apocalipstick | Jury
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Vocals, Guitar, Producer
Genre: Rock Pop / EDM

Jury is a London based singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ who captures you in his world of perfectly satisfying pop.

Through the smoothness of his production and raw felt vocals, he takes you to the places where you want to go and makes you want to return for more.After suffering from an unknown disease which left him incapable of singing and talking for a whole year, and after being told by various doctors that there was a good chance he would never be able to sing again, he finally managed to overcome said disease and broke this long period of silence by releasing ‘Something Real’ in collaboration with upcoming singer songwriter Brooke Jazz Lawrence, a song that screams HIT and the chorus is one you know will be lingering in your mind for some time.His great sense of melody combined with his unique voice and his immaculate productions, will leave you with no doubt that this young male artist will be doing more than well in the music industry.

Hometown: London / UK






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